Restore Shea Sugar Scrub

Restore Shea Sugar Scrub


Restore Shea Sugar Scrub, an unscented version of our popular scrub, leaves your skin silky smooth, polished and amazingly moisturized, without feeling greasy or oily. It gently exfoliates away dry flaky skin and dry patches, leaving your skin looking glowing and healthy. Our scrub is formulated to stay on your skin longer so you can gently sand your skin smooth without added fragrance.

  • Restore is our fragrance free line for those who would like all of the benefits without added scent.
  • Perfect for days when no fragrance would be an added benefit
  • Gender neutral, because everyone needs to Restore now and then.
  • Excellent exfoliating effects
  • Moisturizing is truly long lasting
  • Wide low profile jar allows easy access to every bit of scrub.

Net weight 11.5 oz. (326 g)

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+ How to Use

Scoop a sufficient amount of scrub from jar, rub briefly between palms and scrub over damp skin until granules disappear and rinse thoroughly. Use as often as you would like to remain silky smooth.

+ Ingredients

Sugar, sweet almond oil, refined shea butter, stearic acid, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl, sorbic acid