At Park Grenshire, our goal is to provide a spa experience in the privacy of your home. We believe in a simple approach using select, high quality ingredients.

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Since I started using Park Grenshire soap on a daily basis I have noticed an improvement in my chronic dry skin.  The soap has a nice lather and the scent lasts for hours without being overwhelming.  I have really enjoyed the large and interesting selection of scents. When you use the soap with the matching sugar scrub the scent is even more amazing.  As if that isn’t enough, the service has been outstanding.  Thank you for providing such a great product, I can tell they are made with love and care.
— Heather L. - New Castle, IN
I never took time to myself for baths, with these bath bombs I find time almost every day for a bath! I don’t even need to put lotion on after because of how soft my skin is! Don’t get me wrong, I still do after with their hydration sticks! I can’t get enough! It’s the only thing I’ve ever found that actually works! I’m a forever customer! Pink sugar and white pepper lavender AMAZING!!
— Melissa M. - Noblesville, IN
For the finest choose Park Grenshire’s beautiful handcrafted, artisanal bath products. I pamper myself with their fragrant Bath Bombs, Shea Sugar Scrub, Handcrafted Soap, and Solid Moisturizer for an amazing aromatic and soothing spa experience at home. I have given several boxed gift sets to friends and family who also love these amazing products. If you want high quality and natural ingredients I highly recommend Park Grenshire bath products!
— Jackie P. - Noblesville, IN
I purchased the White Pepper and Lavender sugar scrub and I could not be happier!! The smell is wonderful! The scrub leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft for days after. Some sugar scrubs can be abrasive but not this one! I recommend Park Grenshire to all my friends and family who are looking for a great product at a great cost!
— Blake R. - Indianapolis, IN
I have sensitive skin and seek the help of a dermatologist due to it. I was very skeptical about trying the Park Grenshire product. However, I have been very surprised, actually elated, since I have been able to use the product without an issue. The shea sugar scrub leaves my skin soft and the fragrance lasts without being overwhelming. I apply the scrub to my legs and hands with great results. I have tried several fragrances but the white pepper lavender is my favorite.

I am not kind to my hands during the winter. With constant hand washing and the use of cleaning supplies without wearing gloves, I develop openings in my skin near my nails that are deep and painful. I have found with the use of the solid moisturizer I can prevent the development of these cuts.

I highly recommend this wonderful, reasonably priced product.
— Lynn D - Carmel, IN